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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Adrian Michigan Kiwanis Trail Review

I'm stuck in Minniapolis for a layover and got tired of working on my conference paper so I thought I would write a review of the Kiwanis Trail I did my long run on last week.

The Kiwanis Trail is a rails-to-trails path that runs from Adrian, Michigan to Tecumseh. It's a paved path approximately 7 miles long and originates at Trestle Park. The park is itself worth a short visit as it has a multilevel boardwalk, is well kept, and modern. For you longer runners it also has a fully functional restroom and water fountain.

The path is excellent for running and takes you through a combination of rural residential and farmfields. Scenery isn't anything spectacular with a few rusted out cars decorating backyards. Still, there aren't too many road crossings and most of the path is shaded, which is great in the summer. There is at least one additional water/restroom stop about half-way down the path at a church that was recently constructed adjacent to the path. They welcome visitors and offer a parking lot that could serve as another starting point. The church is just off of SR52 on Valley Rd.

There is a shooting range approximately 5 miles north of Trestle Park. While I haven't noticed any bullets whizzing by, Casey doesn't like shooting so I try and keep this in mind.

Traffic on the path can be somewhat heavy the closer you get to Adrian, but in several runs, I've primarily encountered bicyclists closer to Tecumsah. As with many people, I prefer loops, but this trail definitely makes for an easy and pleasant run in the country without having to put up with the road-kill of a country road.

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Anonymous said...

Teehee, I see you've adapted quite a bit ... including tags and links. :)

Hope your layover won't be too long, I still remember a night where I slept in London Heathrow Airport. Not recommended, by the way. :)


Brian Thomas said...

Ug, sleeping in airports sucks (I've done so in Chicago and Seattle). They got us off the plane due to mechanical problems, but they say there is a new one that should be ready soon. We'll see...

ellie's mom said...

I love your little "what I'm doing thing" on the right. That's pretty cool.