The world lost an incredible mother, wife, daughter, friend, attorney, underprivileged advocate, and community member suddenly and unexpectedly on October 16, 2013. In honor of my late wife, Holli Wallace, I am training for the Hallucination 100 mile trail run and raising money for the Children's Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region.

My training progress

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Comments Please!

If you are checking this blog on a regular basis--and I know of at least a few of you are--I'd encourage you to leave me a comment by clicking on the "comments" link at the bottom of each posting. I'm ramping up recruitment of business sponsorships and would like to be able to show that there would be some exposure involved in donating to the Lupus Foundation. Well, that and it would be great to hear from you. Thanks to those who have emailed me support!


Fred Thomas said...

Thanks for all your effort for a very important cause--and for the link to Math Machines, Ltd.

Anonymous said...

I check every day! We seem to be stuck on $630. BTW, you're awesome. ;)

silvenwolf said...

I poke my nose around in here when I find a bit of time, which seems to be once in a while.

(Oh yes, I seem to have all sorts of scattered projects all over the web ... the link provided is my homepage off my internet provider, with more photo goodies. :) )