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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best running music?

7.5 miles today. I was going to go for a nice 10 mile jog, but since I had a morning meeting I ended up running in 90+ degree weather. I tried to stay in as much shade as possible, but I didn't want Elliott to get too hot so I cut things short. Heat aside, the run actually felt pretty good so I guess my marathon recovery went well.

I need some help. I'm looking for good running music. Sure, I usually do the podcasts, but I do like some tunes occasionally to help kick me in gear when I'm running low on motivation. However, I'm tired of my choices and my running playlist is much too short. If you have any ideas, comment here and list suggestions for good motivational running music. Maybe I'll pick up some good music for mile 40 of the ultra!

Here's what is currently on my running playlist:
Livin' On a Prayer--Bon Jovi
Blaze of Glory--Bon Jovi
Lose Yourself--Eminem
Run Rabbit Run--Eminem
8 Miles and Running--Jaz-Z & Freeway
Adrenaline Rush--Obie Trice
Bring Me To Life--Evanescence
Wake Up--Rage Against the Machine

Okay, it's eclectic to say the least. Suggestions please!


Vanilla said...

Some good songs off my playlist:
'Til I Collapse -- Eminem
Remember the Name -- Fort Minor
Training Montage from Rocky IV

Those are the best ones, but I also like:
The Distance -- Cake
Seven Nation Army -- The White Stripes
Fighter -- Christina Aguilera
Push It -- Salt'n'Pepa (Old School, but it has a good beat)

jkrunning said...

All the Rocky IV songs always get me going.

dirtdawg50k said...

Cocky - Kid Rock
Break you off - The Roots
99 Problems - Jay-Z
Rollin - Limp Bizkit
Callin Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks
Run It - Chris Brown
Yeah - Usher
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
Wanskta - 50 Cent
NY state of mind - Nas

Anonymous said...

How did you forget Queen - Dont stop me now